For quite some time, if you’ve traveled through the intersection where Westheimer meets Fountainview and, like us, you’ve wondered what would fill the vacant Houston’s restaurant space that occupied the end cap of the strip center for years, no more. The Warwick restaurant is opening there at 5888 Westheimer Road this Friday, April 15.

The Warwick will serve a blend of new American and Southern-inspired cuisine — and initially will be open only for dinner. The moniker was inspired by its namesake, The Warwick, a 1960s-era hotel in Houston’s Museum District that in its time was loaded with glamor and the glitterati who descended upon it. Now, this new Warwick restaurant brings a chef familiar to Houston restaurant regulars.

Executive chef Antoine Ware’s deep Cajun roots will be on full display with boldly flavored dishes like tail of Orleans ($25), a butter-poached grilled lobster appetizer napped with a Cajun barbecue au jus and a house-brined and smoked half roast chicken with bacon Studded chive potatoes and roasted carrots ($32).

“This is my most exciting menu to date. I grew up cooking this style of food, so having the opportunity to showcase refreshed and modern versions of classic dishes are really my specialty,” says Ware, whose career has brought him into the kitchens of Chris Shepherd, at the helm of Harold’s and to Mr. B’s Bistro in New Orleans.

In homage to its popular predecessor, you’ll even find reminiscent dishes of Houston’s most famous ones, like “the dip,” a play on the artichoke and spinach dish so many of us came to adore at the Bayou City restaurant mainstay. For those who relied on Houston’s standby Thai noodle salad, The Warwick’s version will hopefully be a great placeholder ($24).

We’re looking forward to trying Ware’s new creations like the Korean cauliflower app ($13), a sweet and spicy dish drizzled with the mayo of the moment, Kewpie and The Warwick’s version of shrimp and grits ($35) described as chargrilled jumbo shrimp atop sweet corn and pimento cheese grits with a sriracha garlic butter.

The Warwick’s executive chef, Antoine Ware brings his Cajun roots to the new restaurant with a menu that blends new American and Southern cuisines.

For drinks, beverage director Andre Grala is bringing a modern mix of cocktails to the bar, including “pushing daisies” ($17), a Gray Goose watermelon and basil vodka essence with orange and Midori, and his take on the classic sidecar, the” sidecar royale” ($32) with Hennessey VSOP, Grand Marnier Cuvee, Louis-Alexandre VSOP with lemon and sweet potato syrup.

“Guests should expect a superb culinary experience paired with a refreshed, modern atmosphere,” Warwick co-owner Rob Wright says. “The sophisticated and alluring vibe sets the tone for an eventful evening on the town.”

The Warwick will be open daily at 4 pm. It will close on Mondays and Tuesdays at 11 pm, while Wednesdays through Sundays, it will close at midnight. Lunch service will start in May, followed by brunch in mid-July.